The Old and the New

A friend and I went to see a movie today. It was “John Carter”. The film is based (loosely) on the series “John Carter of Mars” by Edgar Rice Burroughs (most of you may have heard of him through his “Tarzan” series.
The movie (Disney) was excellent. Both my friend and I left thinking and stating how worth the money it was. I felt it approached the original “Star Wars” series; I hope they plan to do more as the series had about 10 books in it.
I think one of the things I liked most about the series (well, I know I did) is that it was one of those sets where the bad guys were all bad and the good guys were all good; there was really no mistaking who was who. The guy hero has a rough time; the female heroine is in trouble; guy has to decide where/what he is going to do, if anything, about it…blah, blah…you know the idea.
Anyway, the whole point to putting it into this blog is that, in the film, John Carter had to “let go” of a lot of his past and decide to step up and do what needed to be done. I like those tales; they don’t happen very often in today’s world. In fact, I am not certain that today’s kids know those values well. I am not against graphic novels and other such things. I watch “The Living Dead” on TV. But TLD does have that in it as the main male character is always trying to do what’s right, no matter what happens. Too many things today promote selfishness and an idea that it is okay to sacrifice others to get what you need. We need more of the guy gets the girl by saving the world type of thing to help begin to turn things around. Just a thought…

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