Thank you so much

Thanks, Linda.
It is really reassuring to see you a part of this blog. I have come a long way in my journey as I know you have, too. Yet, we still have just as far to go, just in different ways now.

God is simply so present in all our lives. There are just so many who cannot see Him yet. That doesn’t make us any more special; it simply means we are learning how to look; how to see the patterns; how to notice the small bits of handiwork He leaves behind to help us all together. That’s the big thing; He is helping us all together.

I am almost to the point where I don’t see it as a Plan, but more of a general direction. We make our choices, free and clear, then God takes all of the mess and adds them together, doing little things to help directions move. All of that together forms such an intricate pattern leading to “all things working out in the end.” It is unimaginably complex, but only to us.

I play video games and, in the beginning, it is so difficult. There is just so much to learn and so many choices in the ones I like. Now, many hours later, most of it seems second nature and I “see” more things at the same time. They were always there, but now I “see”. Same with God’s plan; we have to train ourselves to see the patterns of how things work together; the “coincidences” (I don’t really believe in those) that happen all the time. This leads to that which is followed by that which couldn’t happen without this and, out of it all, the best happens.

I am over-simplifying, but this is what I want to dig through in this blog. Not just that, but I think it is important that we begin to see it for ourselves. For then, perhaps, we can make it easier on us to get to the same place without so much trouble and effort.


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