Are you busy? I have been for the past week. My Dad had surgery last Tuesday. He is doing well now, but had his problems. I did the least of my Mom, Sis, and me; however, I found that I was so busy and my schedule was so messed up that I accomplished very little outside of absolute necessities and visiting Dad.

I realized that, had I still been in school, I would have had to leave at 3:30, gotten to the hospital about 4:15 so I could see him until 5 or waited until 7 and then been so tired the next day would have been bad. Also, that would have used up all my time that I normally spent doing lesson plans and getting ready for paperwork, grades, and the daily grind.

I am not sure how I ever handled working a full-time job, taking care of a wife and two children, and going to school for 6 hours a week at night! Seems amazing.

What I do realize is that, one, you do what you need to do at the time, and, two, I was quite a bit younger.

What it really helped me to see, though, is the priority change over the years. Now, life is more important to me, enjoying life, that is. Not a selfish thing; more of a “life is short, so live”.

Pay attention…I am reminding me, but talking to you.

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