I was thinking about my life statement of “Everything works out in the end; if it doesn’t work out, it isn’t the end.” Sounds easy, almost sing-songy.

Most people I talk to, even the non-religious ones, say, “yeah, I get it.” Someone wants to do something and it doesn’t happen right then, or it doesn’t happen quite the way they would want it to, or something better happens instead.

That’s so easy. You can get used to that. But how about when a close friend or relative gets very ill or dies? How about when someone close to you has major financial burdens? How about when you do? What if you are having serious marital problems or your children are in dire straits? Here is the tough call.

Here is the spot where most people go, “well, most of the time” or “you just don’t understand it, here.” These are the defining moments. Part of a message I gave really focused hard on perception.

The idea of “you can’t see the mountaintop except from the valley” is a very valid concept. Your defining moments of faith are not going to happen when you are relaxing at the top of your game, feeling great, with honey flowing all around you. There is no need for faith at all when everything is going right.

It is precisely during the roughest times that you need to stand up, force the weight to shift, and scream, “Yes, even now! It all works out, even now!”

Few of us do that; fewer of us do that consistently. I am not here to talk about what God wants or needs or demands. Not my thing; I am here to discuss what works. I am here to discuss what God has put here in place to help us through those times, and it’s not some sugar-coated lip service.

We have to stand up and believe that it truly does ALL WORKS OUT IN THE END. “All” means everything. “Works out” means fit together. “In the end” refers to when it’s all done, not 1/2 way through or even near the end. I was really thinking about this through my stroke, through my rehab, through Dad’s hospital stay, and now, with his dialysis treatments.

I know how I have sounded through all of this. Do you really think there were never moments when I didn’t think, “God, I am done. Just take me, I am done”? Or when I really wondered a bit how this could possibly work out? No, that is a back breaker. Don’t ask yourself that question. You are not complex enough to understand that.

Want a simple example? How about a situation in which a very close relative whom you love commits a crime (say, theft), gets caught, goes to jail, and is killed there by someone else? Bad enough? I think so. So, when all this happens, what would be going through your mind? I know what would’ve gone through mine several years ago, and it wouldn’t be very pretty.

Life is kinda like a chess game, you can’t always see the end, but the moves are always working toward it.

But, we don’t know everything; we don’t see everything. So, let’s take our situation and back up, see it from a higher perspective. The close relative had a good friend whose neighbor’s son was going to commit a crime. How about murder? Yes, this son was going to murder an entire family in order to get into a gang. Now, your family member gets caught and killed. The son hears about this, knew the person, and has a moment of good reflection. He decides not to commit the crime and does not join the gang. In fact, it gets to him so much, he decides to turn around and become a police officer. He does. He does well.

Now, he is a detective. He moves up and begins running his own precinct in another state. He manages to bring down a similar gang to the one he wanted to join. This gang had 18 members and had recruited 6 more. Each of those six was going to have to kill a person to get in. Do you get this? Do you really see, I mean really see, where I am heading? This son, who you didn’t even know, went somewhere you may have never been, and saved the lives of, at least, six people, you never met. All this because your relative committed a crime, got caught, and got killed.

Now, let’s be very clear. I don’t believe God chose for your relative to do any of those things. I believe your relative, trying to do what he/she thought was best, tried to do it to accomplish his/her goals. However, as choices were made, things happened and God, always working toward good for all concerned, kept offering up opportunities for change to the relative, until the choice finally brought about his/her death. That’s much different from blaming God.

If I give my child the opportunity to play out side and they decide to run out in the road and they get hit, I did not kill them. I may blame myself, but, if they have never done that before, if I have taken precautions, if I …if I , then it’s simply not my fault, it was choices and … it will work out.

If you can understand this concept, and it is both vast and rough in its true form, you will have decided to embark on a journey in which I will be glad to come along and offer thoughts and suggestions from what I have garnered. If not, well God will present you with choices…Just remember, they ALL WORK TOGETHER FOR GOOD IN THE END; IF IT HASN’T WORKED OUT, THEN IT ISN’T THE END”.


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  • Aspergers Girls  On April 24, 2012 at 5:36 pm

    Inspiring post. Made me think. I see life as yin and yang, and as seasons. Every action, word, thought is a ripple. I wouldn’t say “things work out,” but that everything seems to equal out in the end—nature balances. In my life I see this clearly.


    • kindredspirit23  On April 24, 2012 at 6:40 pm

      Your opinion, as always, is appreciated and honored. I, of course, know that we don’t see “everything”, so I don’t expect to always see the good “in the end”. God has, though, in my opinion, allowed me to see enough wonderful endings to things that appeared “bad” that I feel confident in believing His hand to be in all things. I had something begin to happen today (private, so not sharing right now) that helps me, once again, to understand and believe. Scott


  • southernhon  On April 22, 2012 at 6:46 am

    The old free will vs predeterminism debate. (at least that’s what I got out of this blog post…) I think a valid question or argument could be made regarding what actually is “working out” and how does it align with your idea of working out? I have heard often that God’s plan (if there is one) is so vast that it is not understandable; therefore, we just cannot possibly see the big picture. This is the answer that many give when the question of suffering is raised. I have also heard something similar to what you said in that God does offer us many opportunities to change the path so that things will work out for good. How then, are we supposed to know when and what they are? I have thought much about these questions as of late,as I have made some choices that have been life-changing.


    • kindredspirit23  On April 22, 2012 at 9:49 am

      To me, if you have made some choices and they are life-changing, all you would need to do is to ask if it is for the betterment of the world or, at least, yourself. I have also heard the arguments I raised, but I believe we just make it too complicated. If God provides us with choices to work toward the good for all and we do them, I would see that as things progressing the perfect way. We don’t do this all the time, hence, the complicated plan. I do not believe in predeterminism as it is normally stated. I believe we all return to God. We a couple has a child it is, seldom, thought that this child will change everything in the future. More, it is hoped the child will have a good life, full of love and enjoyment and, hopefully, have a positive effect on the world around him/her. Such would make sense to me with God. We are brought here to live and love and make a difference, but it all still amounts to choices and decisions. I am not stating this as exactly as I believe it. I am still working on bits of it and how to say it to others at all. Thanks for bringing it up. Scott


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