The Minotaur – Haiku and Poem

I have joined This is a site in which you decide what you will do for $5 and list if for hire.
I listed several one of which was that I would do an original Haiku and 2-4 stanza non-rhyming poem on any clean subject. I received a taker tonight and just sent in the completed results. They were so hysterical, I had to post it (My fiverr statement says I still own the rights.).
For your amusement enjoyment view:

Seeing as Indiana has such marvelous corn mazes could you write a sci-fi poem about a hedge-maze encounter with a robotic Minotaur?



I creep corn mazing
Bull-man, Minotaur I spy,
Through the walls I run.

Scott L Vannatter – 7-2-2012

Meeting of the Minotaur

Summer’s heat, a season of growth
Find me wandering round the corn.
Rows set forth in orderly disarray
The task to find me lost.

Deep within such criss-crossed paths
I pause, my breath to catch,
And to my ears fall noise of gears
A rhythm of walking and whirs.

The tintinnabulation of the king
Not a bell, not a ring, not quite a living thing
Marched round a corner nigh
Into sight, it’s horns held high

Silver and iron and steel its frame
The Minotaur, a fearsome bust
Cursed in steam as it bellowed forth
And I turned corn to shucks and dust.
Scott L Vannatter – 7-2-2012

*Told you I could do one on anything.

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