Formatting Our Lives

Yesterday, I received something in the mail I have been wanting for awhile and, finally, chose to have. It’s not much. It’s a 2 terabyte external hard drive for my computer.

I have been having to watch my storage space for so long that I finally chose to do something about it. had a good sale on it. They are very good about advertising to my email and, when they first come out with a new product, it is often low-priced and shipping free. That was the case here.
Now, I opened the box last night and found that I was supposed to do a full format on it. For those non-computer people, this simply means that I was to have my computer erased everything on the disk, check it for wellness, and set it up so it could be fully used on my computer. Not a hard thing to do, however, it was started at about midnight last night and it should be done tonight by midnight! That’s a lot of computer time.

Add to that the fact that, with this heat, any electrical interruption and I get to start over. My battery backup was out of plugs, so this one went into a surge. So far (4:10pm) and all is well.

That all got me to thinking about our own human storage capacities, the human brain. When I had my stroke, I did a, somewhat, full job of formatting my own brain. Things were removed, habits stopped, new things are being developed. It was not, fortunately, a full format or I would be back to diapers and thumb-sucking (maybe). It has made me wish a lot that I could just toss out those things I don’t want to remember and relearn them differently.

My buddy and I went to eat out last night. We talk about a lot of stuff: farming, books, movies, kids, yes – even ladies. Anyway, I mentioned the idea that I would love to start over at 16 and know all I know now, so I could do it differently. His comment was simply that if he did that then he would know what would happen if he did such and such, and that would change the way he saw it. I got the distinct impression that he felt he would enjoy life less if he could do it over because he would know too much. He said that everything that has happened to him has made him who he is and he felt that would change if he did things differently, even if he knew all the rest. Makes me think. God knows what He is doing and he didn’t give us that option.

Perhaps, that is one of the reasons. We are who we are. We made our choices, now we move on and teach others. Not so bad when you look at it that way.


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