In Passing

In Passing
By Scott L Vannatter – July 9, 2012

All void, liquid red runs full with fury
Smokey tendrils of gas bubble forth
Rising toward the new-created clouds
Breathing not now, but coming

Rivers of rock, mountains of metal
Foam up, then fall like matches on fire
Twists and turns of geysers, spraying ash
Settling slowly, scrunching lands, creating caverns

Fissures cool, steam pouring off lakes of iron
Churning seas boil, then bubble
Slowly chunks revolve, slowing into formations
Continental actions, Pangea molded

Skies settle; lands follow suit
Movement, grinding boulder to rocks
Further rocks to pebbles, to sand, to dust
Stone gathers under, foundations created

Air cool, winds harsh and whipping
Dust carries across, plains form wide and long
Clouds become, particles tickle, rains begin
Torrential downpours ravage new ground

Sub-atomic growths converge, God’s plan enacted
Too small, yet large enough, the seas become filled
Threads squirm, worms begin convulsing, leading to fish
Larger and larger, they come to pass; the oceans spawn it all

Seven days, minutes, centuries, periods of time, no matter
Relentless pouring forth, changes come and go in succession
Fins give way to walkers, many legs to four to two
The planet fills and teems, green takes over, cover made

Animals by two, by four, by more, living in balance
Till comes the one who, by rule of thumb, overthrows
Hides become homes, then dirt, then brick
One becomes a village, a town, a city, the world

From too much to lacking, food, land, space, quiet
The hitting becomes fighting becomes war
Nations who rose from nothing, threaten nothing
And with flight, may bring quiet and dust to rule



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