The Wrath of the Titans and The Way of the Coin

I watched “Wrath of the Titans” today. I enjoyed it a lot. When I finished my “quiet” time, I sat down to figure out what I was going to post for tomorrow. I thought about the film and how we are today and couldn’t help but point out a bit of irony I saw (albeit warped) in our society and that of the early Greeks. This was the result. I hope you enjoy!

by Scott L Vannatter – 07/15/2012

Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Aries
Prayers offered up; sacrifices made
People gave their lives; some gave their child,
While up on Olympus they played.

Perseus, warrior, killer of Kraken,
Conceived of female and god
Part of the playing, the fruits of the labor
He decided with man to trod.

Come forth the Titans escape from Hades
Father of Zeus draws nigh
World shattering, Apocalypse awaits
All men thought to give last sigh.

But son of Zeus draws out once more
Fights all who stand the gate
He stops the battle; mankind does save
And makes his mark on Fate.

The gods are gone; no sacrifice made
They no longer over us hold power.
But what, instead, have we given rise
To prominence and over us tower?

The blood of the first; crimson godly stain
Was what we gave before.
Now, cash and coin, the color green
We worship all the more.

Learn we not the fate that stands
If we give in to greed?
A piece of gold, a bit of cloth
Becomes all we really need.

The first was cleansed through battle won
The gods did topple and fall
But this, the power of all to buy
May defeat us one and all.

I hope for us the way is clear
In order to repair
The only way for all to survive
Is to pave the way to share.


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