I am tired today. I mean bone tired. It’s my own fault. I stayed up late just because I didn’t want to go to bed; so, when I went to bed, I couldn’t sleep. Now, I am tired.

That said, I was sitting at my computer and trying to decide what tonight’s post would be on. My eyes looked over the top of my computer at my, part of my, collection of movies. I have nearly 1000 DVDs and VHS tapes. There are some duplicates, but I imagine the number is higher, anyway.

It’s not a record or anything; however, it is a collection that I have either not finished watching or have held on to for some reason.  There’s nothing wrong with older movies.  Sometimes, they are the best because they had to be.  It should be in the acting, after all, not just the special effects.

I realized that, within that collection, are a lot of “sleepers” (ie. movies that are better than let on.). I got to thinking that many people go to Net Flicks or Amazon and simply rent (or buy) whatever is popular with the masses. Well, that is fine, but there are times when the masses miss.

So, what I put together is the beginning of a list of movies that may not have been the upper crust movies, but were, in my humble opinion, worth watching.

So, for your entertainment, here is a list of 5 such movies that you might want to consider for something different to watch.

Oh, and I tried to stay away from the really gross ones.  These may not be children suitable, but you should be able to keep your food down. 🙂 Don’t I have a way with words?

1) Deathtrap – PG 1982 – 2 act play. It is a thriller and a great movie with Christopher Reeves starring along with Michael Caine.

2) Little Man Tate – 1991 PG I am a big Jodie Foster fan. I think she can act and is very nice to look at. Besides, I don’t think she has ever been in a bad movie. This one has Jodie as the mother of a young boy who is discovered to be a genius. She tries to get him all the help and such he deserves. Kind of a heart-gripper.

3) Broken Arrow – 1996 R – this film has two of my favs – John Travolta and Christian Slater in a film about a stolen nuclear warhead. It is twisted, mixed-up, and full of language. I loved this movie! Travolta and Slater play good opposite each other and Samantha Mathis plays a good sidekick who is attractive and tough.  Also, included in the trailer is one of my favorite lines in moviedom: “I don’t know which is worse…” (You will hear it).

4) The Island – 2005 PG-13 – Michael Bay always directs pretty good action movies. This one went way over the top. I love sci-fi anyway and with Scarlett Johansson as the tough beauty and Ewan McGregor
to make the ladies take notice, the film is an excellent one about the worth of humans and life itself.

5) Shakespeare Abridged – 2002 NR – Even if you don’t quote Shakespeare much, even if you don’t know the names of more than 3-4 of his plays, this movie will have you laughing. All of his major plays (and I mean all) condensed and done in under 2 hours by 3 men who play all the parts and draw the laughs.



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  • Jan Brown  On July 26, 2012 at 8:59 pm

    I loved Deathtrap. It’s a great plot, wonderfully written and acted. It opened my eyes to Christopher Reeves’ acting talent (which the Superman movies didn’t begin to tap).

    Post-accident, Reeves starred in an interesting remake of “Rear Window,” and he was again wonderful. They worked his disability into the plot–very interesting! His co-star (Darryl Hannah) was not as strong an actor, but the movie worked well anyway.


    • kindredspirit23  On July 27, 2012 at 12:29 am

      I will have to look that one up. I didn’t know that. I showed the old movie to my students a couple of years ago and they were fascinated. One of them fell for the main actress. I can’t remember her name, but I told him how long ago that was. lol his reaction was great.


  • Aspergers Girls  On July 26, 2012 at 1:02 pm

    Neat idea. I love movies. 🙂 Find much escape in them. Especially series that I can watch for several days in a row.


  • buckwheatsrisk  On July 25, 2012 at 11:19 pm

    i thought you were going to name a movie that might help put one to sleep, not mentioning any names! lol


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