The Lunatic Ravings of a Single Man

I am angry! Not just that “for a second” mad; I am just mad!

I should say mad because I am not certain whether it is all anger or, perhaps, some “mad”ness thrown in with it all. Should I not be allowed to be angry? I mean, the stroke allowed my feelings to open up and I am not that complacent little whelp anymore. There are things that have bothered me for awhile and I am just trying to figure out if it is normal or not.

See, I don’t know normal; I am not used to that state of being. The stroke reset my filters. Now, I don’t have a lot of them. I like most of the new feelings. The stress and the worry is gone; however, I do have these angry feelings.

Tell you what. I will tell you about some of them and you tell me what you think about it. Deal? Good.

1) Every day I get emails from different people telling me why I should not like our current President. Now, I tell them up front, I am not going to vote for him this time. I have my own reasons and I don’t mind hearing theirs.

My problem is that, nearly every single one of them, are all using articles and such to promote their viewpoints, and, in less than 10 minutes, I can use Google and show that they are fakes. 10 minutes!

I am not angry that they send all these to me; I am upset because I see no valid reason why people can’t take a minute and check this out first for themselves! I mean if these fake things keep getting sent out into the stream, then, when real truths are sent out by these people, will they be believed? I doubt it.

I keep hearing versions of “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” (Sounds a bit like “The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest” but that is another story). These are smart people. I just don’t understand.

2) Will whoever is responsible for sending me call after call from Jennifer or Janet or Carole from “Accounting” to offer me a deal on a new credit card, please cease and desist? I have gotten the same exact recording from at least three different numbers at least 2 per week for months.

I hang up as soon as I hear her say her name in that voice. Just take me off the list. I don’t want any of it and I don’t want to spend the time it would take to listen to your spiel and then tell you that I am listed with the “do not call” people and that I am going to file charges against you. Just quit.

3) Stop shooting fireworks off after 10pm at night here in town. It is not legal and you are bothering me! You who are doing it are not dumb; I know who you are. You are shooting them from your yard into the air, over my house, and they are blowing up a couple of houses over.

You know it’s not right; I know this because you only do a few per night (almost every night since the Fourth), then you stop so the police couldn’t find you doing anything wrong.

4) When I go through the trouble to write you on a dating site (you knew I was going to include this, didn’t you!?), at least, have the decency to send back a brief “not interested” or “sorry, good luck in your search”.

Even a “go to hell” would be preferable over nothing.

“Read/delete” does not do it! I would simply like a bit of understanding and closure to the entire mess. I am sure you are not the one for me; I am sure that I could not get used to the horrible habits you have or the manners which you do not. However, is it too much to just expect you to be a little human?

I keep saying that all women are not alike and that there are those out there worth trying for. Are you that dead-set on proving me wrong? Think about it.

Whew! Well, now I, certainly, feel better. Nothing like sharing my intimate thoughts and problems with several hundred people from over 50 countries.

Kinda makes me feel like enough of a celebrity to understand how Elton John feels. And, talking about those, sometimes, God-awful clothes he wears…

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  • Aspergers Girls  On August 4, 2012 at 1:42 am

    I was going to make a post yesterday called: Why you bug me! Not you, of course, but all the things people do to bug me…..I think this has been one of those weeks for a lot of people. I know it has been a touch one for me. Hope to regain my balance soon. Good post….great to get that angst out, ain’t it??? πŸ™‚


    • kindredspirit23  On August 4, 2012 at 1:47 am

      Oh My, yes. Of course, was 1/2 in jest, though those thinks do really bug me (except Elton John’s clothes).
      πŸ™‚ BB


      • Aspergers Girls  On August 4, 2012 at 1:49 am

        Yes….mine would have been 1/2 in jest, too. πŸ™‚ Got that. was funny and great to read.


  • Linda Stapleton de Martinez  On August 3, 2012 at 8:51 am

    Of course it’s OK to express your anger, most of us bottle it up for far too long and then it finally comes out, all out of proportion and often towards the person who doesn’t really deserve a fraction of it. Being a Christian, I think about what the Bible says on the subject, which is quite a lot, but the line I was thinking of is “Be angry and do not sin”, so I suppose it comes down to what we do with and about the anger and our often justifiable feelings.

    I got to thinking about what makes me angry and top of the list is people who don’t follow through on what they say they will do and me having to pick up the pieces or cover up with someone further down the line who is waiting for me to have organized something (with the people who have proved unreliable). It all comes down to pride, my need to feel in control and all those ugly things. Now, when it comes to not sinning, where I can fail is in falling into judgement and criticism of those who have not met my expectations. This is a double edged sword for me, living in a country where the cultural differences are so apparent and where what is unacceptable to me is the norm. You may ask why I choose to stay, but I know from experience that even if I were to go back to my home country of England, where we (at least my generation) were raised to fulfill our commitments, I would be faced with the same challenges…because it is about the need for me to be transformed, not them. So, back to some inventory taking, confession, prayers for tolerance and compassion etc., etc.

    Not sure where that rant came from, but thank you for releasing it!


    • kindredspirit23  On August 3, 2012 at 9:50 am

      I love the rant; I learn so much from it!
      Linda, it does my heart good to hear you reply to my postings.
      We have been friends for so long and I, sometimes, miss hearing from you.
      None of that to produce guilt of any kind, just a way of expressing love and care.


  • lostbythesea  On August 3, 2012 at 1:33 am

    Madness: Keeps us from going insane! πŸ˜‰ Or is it just me? My family, and later on in life, my ex-husband (god rest his over filtered soul) incessantly accused me of having gaping holes in my filters. My daughter (bless her heart) on the other hand is a prude.. But a sweet and kind one, who also, with much love and affection calls me her Crazy Mama, a moniker I wear with reverent vim and vigor.

    I have so many pet peeves .. Many of which you have referenced in your post, so I won’t beat that poor dead horse.

    I can type faster and with greater physical ease on this iPad I have propped up on my lap. It’s been quite my saving grace during the times I must recline and rest my back (I liken it to a bird having her wings clipped while soaring high). But using it comes with a price. Since I have little manual dexterity I often inadvertently swipe a finger across a mystery spot on the screen that instructs the sleeping iPad Demon to awaken and take my page, and all the labors therein, to some place, a purgatory of sorts, never to be saved or seen again by my mortal eyes. It’s quite unnerving, but it’s the price I choose to pay for conveying thoughts and feelings with more ease with my Quasi-Quad hands. So I’d have to say that’s one of my latest pissy pet peeves.

    Your dating site reference really made me laugh! I oftentimes wondered if the profiles I had posted over the years had ended up in a black hole somewhere, joined in a secret union with the emails I had sent out. After several attempts on paid sites, and one from hell in the infancy of Craigslist, I have withdrawn from such madness. I now am a firm believer in face-to-face or brain-to-brain encounters of the nerd kind.

    It’s a strange an twisted world we live in. And so I had thought my strange and twisted body had prepared me for just about anything.. Perhaps I’m straighter than I thought.



    • kindredspirit23  On August 3, 2012 at 9:57 am

      A straight mind in a crooked world! It does me a lot of good to know a fellow soul has some of the same problems as I do. I hold no great faith in the dating sites; however, there is always that chance someone will cast a diamond into the waters to be found by such a clutz as I . I have also learned that if I will not remember to save every paragraph or so, I have to not be overly-angered when my computer decides that Hades deserves what I wrote more than my intended victim. As you say, something for us to do.
      Thank you dearly for the reply,


  • Soma Mukherjee  On August 2, 2012 at 11:47 pm

    omg if you are carrying that expression shown in the first pic..
    that fireworks thing really irks me every time there is a Marriage or a cricket match …out goes the peace and tranquility…and although there is a 10 pm dead line no one follows it..


    • kindredspirit23  On August 3, 2012 at 12:32 am

      That’s the problem: no one follows the rules. Also, I don’t carry that expression; used to, not anymore.



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