If Only You Could See

If You Could Only See
By Scott L Vannatter – 8/8/2012

I watch you everyday
As you sit at your desk, playing with your hair
You’re Beautiful

The sun reflects
Off a vase and sets your lips to shine
You’re Wonderful

Someone calls
On your phone, your laugh lights the room
You’re Funny

You work
The deadlines pass all met and done
You’re Dedicated

You open mail
From a friend who needs help
You’re Compassionate

You don’t feel well
You continue on and don’t complain
You’re Strong

You are hungry
But you share your food with someone else
You’re Giving

Someone talks
They say something bad about you
You’re Crying

If only
You could see you as I do
You’d be Happy

When I was looking on Google for an image for this, I found the following song.  It fit too well so here it is:



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