Amore again…

Well, the short of it is…I received another beautiful love letter. It read as follows:

How are you today? I hope you are fine. My name is Miss Bintu Felicia . l am single looking for honest and nice person whom i can partner with . I don’t care about your color, ethnicity, Status or Sex. Upon your reply to this mail I will tell you more about myself and send you more of my picture .I am sending you this beautiful mail, with a wish for much happiness.

Warm regards,

Miss Bintu Felicia

Como você está hoje? Espero que você esteja bem. Meu nome é Miss Bintu Felicia. Estou a procura de única pessoa honesta e agradável a quem eu posso parceiro. Eu não me importo sobre sua cor, etnia, status ou sexo. Depois de sua resposta a este e-mail que eu vou lhe dizer mais sobre mim mesmo e enviar-lhe mais da minha imagem. Estou lhe enviando este e-mail bonito, com um desejo de muita felicidade.


Senhorita Bintu Felicia

Well, I have to say she, at least, sounds happy! Her email lists her as Felicia Aime from the United Kingdom. Interesting that she has a Spanish name and sends her letter to me in both English and Spanish. If she was sending it to me, wouldn’t she know enough not to say she didn’t care about my race or anything?

Then, of course, I discovered the her email was sent to “Undisclosed Recipients”. That means she has sent this out to others. Now, I am sad. She must not, just, want me.

Or, perhaps, better, she is simply sending out a backup in case I don’t respond. Yes! That must be it! All I have to do is write her and all will be well.

Now, we go back to she doesn’t trust me enough to write just me and doesn’t send a picture or a description or address. I am guessing someone else told her about me and they didn’t trust me for some reason. Maybe it was one of the other two who wrote me (I looked and couldn’t find them to link to as I have several hundred posts now). That would make sense; I didn’t answer them so they are polluting her mind against me.

“Felicia Aime” could roughly be translated as “Happy Life”. I wonder if she is happy now or thinks she would be if we met? That sounds wishy-washy. Well then, now I don’t want someone like that, so I guess I won’t answer her after all.

She has some real trust issues and I need to stay out of that. Yes, glad I am certain now.

Okay, you are all caught up in my email love life.


PS: for those of you who have never read my other “email” love letters, they started out as a joke and I have simply continued them whenever I received another one.  Just didn’t want you to have “that” opinion about me! lol

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  • Marisa  On October 23, 2012 at 6:14 pm

    Your post is like the moon hitting the sky like a BIG pizza pie 😀


  • buckwheatsrisk  On October 23, 2012 at 3:39 pm

    oh my goodness you missed one big point and i kept waiting for it….she didn’t care if you were male or female! LOL


  • bert0001  On October 23, 2012 at 3:05 am

    Actually, I think she’s from Brazil … if I use google translate, i get the exact message in English as what you got. Moreover, google translate lets the woman talk in her native language, whereas the english translation is read by a man. She has a great voice!


    • kindredspirit23  On October 23, 2012 at 10:02 am

      I didn’t know Google Translate had an actual voice. Interesting. Brazil makes sense also.


  • Indira  On October 23, 2012 at 12:30 am

    Your post-mortem of this love letter made me LOL.


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