Well, Who Won and What Does It Mean?

As I am sitting here writing this, it is Tuesday, Election Day, about 5:57PM. I am not very political; I will be the first to say it. I don’t like all the hype and the problems and the arguments and … well, any of it really.

But this year is kinda special, though I am not really certain why. I don’t care much for either Presidential candidate. I don’t really look for the major problems to be solved in the next four years, regardless of who wins.

I am a bit glad that the President does not have all the powers that we, the common folk, often give him. He helps to shape the direction of things and can, certainly, add to or detract from what happens, but we need to remember that it is Congress who passes the laws.

I think that Congress has really allowed the people to cheer and/or jeer President Obama these last couple of years. I think it has kept the people from seeing what a poor direction the government has us heading in.

If we had a really great President, loved by nearly all, and things were getting this bad, who would we blame? – Yep, Congress, for not agreeing and getting things done. Well, you know what, I am angry at Congress for not agreeing and getting things done. I am angry because our government has, for the first time, got me really worried about my future in this country.

For the first time, I can’t see far enough ahead to envision a country in which I feel safe and free – you need both!
So, in a few hours we will know who is our new President. But, either way, I still think we should be leery and watching and ready to pounce and scream if the direction doesn’t head toward helping us be more free and safe – both!
That’s it. No long speeches; I said I am not that political and I mean it.


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