School Poetry 4

School Poetry 4

This is the last in the series of poems I found that was written by me with my students in class (they were to be writing their own).  Thank you for allowing me to share these.

To Helen

By Scott L Vannatter 05/04/07

Glorious person, she who brightened the

darkness with the touch of fingers

gliding softly over small bumps of paper.

Brought to life through the palms of friendship.

Voice of silence cutting through the fog,

echoes across chasms of ignorance

casting hope.

Ode to Lycanthrope

By Scott L Vannatter 05/04/07

Tight sinews launch him through the night,

claws crimson from the fight.

Hunger driving, thirst for blood

sniffing among the grass and mud.

Fur matted with dirt and sweat,

rain dropping, adding to the wet.

The stealth and power belie his age,

his mind still sharp; his knowledge sage.

His foe defeated, on the ground so still,

the King, still King, will eat his fill.

When at long last his life is done,

his future prey will slow, little reason to run.




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