Well, Lookie at what I, Finally, did…

No, thank goodness this wasn’t the problem.

Several weeks ago, when I got the idea in my head that I needed a new, bigger hard drive for my computer – I should have had my head examined…

Buying the hard drive was easy.  If it had all been that easy…but it wasn’t.  I believe I did two previous posts ( one and two ) on this computer glitch, disaster, problem.  Read them at your leisure, then finish it up here.

Wal-Mart allowed me to order online my new monitor and a copy of Windows 7 for home.  I was even allowed to have it sent, for free, to the Anderson store.  The monitor came in first and I was able to set it up on my computer with the old hard drive in about an hour, shorter than the time to get ready, drive there, get it, and return home.  It is so nice to be able to, actually, “see” the print in the emails and posts.  The in-transit monitor was a huge and heavy clunker a whopping 13 inches across (wow!).  I did save it, just in case…

My copy of Windows 7 came in yesterday.  I decided to wait until today to pick it up.  I, of course, browsed the computer games while there.  They had a copy of “500,000 Games” that sat in the $9.96 spot and I “just had to have it”.  When I went to pay for it, the register rang up $21.96.  I looked at the young man and said, “No.” and gave him the package.  He was a kind soul (or didn’t want to bother putting it back up – I don’t care), so, after showing him where I found it, he said it was in the wrong spot, but that he would sell it to me for $10.  This was excellent; I took him up on the deal and decided to head home.

Windows 7, I decided on the upgrade option, took about 3-4 hours, during which time I watched two of the hundreds of movies I have that I haven’t watched yet.  It, pretty well, loaded itself and would have been much quicker if I hadn’t saved so many files and settings.  When I got it all up and running, I found that my email still wouldn’t run and, without paying around $139, I wasn’t going to get Outlook to work.  I looked at Google, of course, and after about an hour, decided to use my Comcast online account and supplement it with a program called “PSTViewerLite”.  This nifty little baby allows me to view all my saved emails without loading Outlook.  I get to try it for about 15 days, then it is $29.95, a darn sight better than $139.  We shall see.  What has happened is what always seems to happen with upgrades:  they fix some things, improve some things, and mess up a lot of good things.

I will get used to using online email.  I enjoyed the mail rules and all the little things that made Outlook so great a tool for someone who enjoys saving and sorting emails.

Sam (Everyday Aspergers) was excited the other day and told me how she enjoys my tales of dating that I post off and on.  I told her I might have another story or two soon to tell and she was very happy.  I need to give it some time and see what happens for now.  I am also trying to finish up the “I-am-behind-about-a-hundred-posts-to-read” fiasco.  The email reader will help.  Thanks all of you for your support, your kindness, and your love – those are the things that help keep me smiling when I would like to scream.



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  • Abraham  On January 16, 2013 at 4:21 am

    I would have been livid about the $9.96 becoming $21! Good thing you got the games for $10. I hope you are enjoying them.


  • magsx2  On January 4, 2013 at 10:01 pm

    Good on you, well done. 🙂
    I also discovered windows 7 (windows live mail) a let down, and got the IT guy to put back windows mail (from vista) on the computer. I believe windows 8 has something different again, there have been a few complaints about the way Microsoft are chopping and changing the e-mail section.


    • kindredspirit23  On January 4, 2013 at 11:28 pm

      Well, I definitely, did not like losing Windows Mail. I saw that it was … possible … for a work-a-round, but didn’t want to be still doing this part next month! So, I will adapt (I guess). 🙂
      It’s not so bad; a bit slower and, of course, different.


  • thehappyhugger  On January 4, 2013 at 2:31 am

    You are brave with your technological upgrade 🙂


  • robincoyle  On January 4, 2013 at 2:14 am

    Technology a time-saver? HA! I time warp more like it. Right?


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