A Minotaur? Really?

What a View!!!

I sat down to write my post tonight (just a bit later than normal) and looked at my site stats.  I don’t do double-takes often (unless a beautiful woman is involved, I guess).  But, I staggered a bit and thought that WP was, perhaps, broken.  My view graph was nearly flat-lined for up until yesterday…then it was a mark almost to the top of the graph.  I scratched my little bald head and looked closer…yesterday’s graph showed 726 views for the day!  As my previous record was 150,  I still felt that WP might be messed up.

Now, I had to really begin digging.  I called up the full site stats and began an intensive trek into unknown territory.  Not like Star Trek, more like Watergate, but still…

I was realizing that “Friday Fictioneers” was the topic yesterday and I couldn’t believe it.  I mean, I have been in FF for quite some time and never got near that many views before.  I continued to peruse (love that word) the information and finally found out that yesterday there were two posts that received a total of over 600 views:

1) The Minotaur- Haiku and Poem  434 views

2) Three-mile Walk Starts Today    203  views

That’s a total of 637 – a little over my usual for a whole week!

Now, I have mentioned the Minotaur post before here: Something I Noticed

I wrote this poem as a part of http://www.fiverr.com a place to do things for people for $5.

I retained the rights to the poem / Haiku so I just reprinted them.  Anyway, I am not certain what kicked this into high gear yesterday, but … WOW!  Now, I know that a lot of you get those type of stats everyday and I am glad for that.  But this is a first for me and something that I never thought would happen…or not for a long time.

I do notice that I only had 59 “visitors” yesterday, for over 12 views per visitor, but I am not really sure what that means here either.

I also don’t know what a “Tag” follower is, but I have almost 1,000 now!  Something else different.  I see that the term “minotaur” was hit in the searches a huge amount yesterday.  I guess what I was curious about is why this happened yesterday.

However, after digging some more into the stats, I got a hint:  One of the search engine stats was for http://images.search.yahoo.com/ .  It was very high.  When I went there and typed “Minotaur” into the search parameters, my pic for the post was number 47. If you clicked on the pic, there was a link to my post!!!

Anyway, this was just a time to share strange and good news with some of my favorite people.  I wasn’t going to do this; I planned on … well, doesn’t matter; I will do it on another post.

Question:  What is your biggest view post?  Link to it in the comment section!



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