What’s this? iHasCupquake

I kinda burned out today.  I slept last night from Midnight until about 8am, then got sleepy again and slept from 9:45-1:30pm.  Now, of course, when I say sleep I mean the 1.5 – 2 hours at a time thing.  It takes more sleep for me to feel good.  However, this particular day, I really could’ve eaten lunch and gone back to bed until supper.

I went to the reflexologist yesterday for my overall massage.  This incorporates massage, stretching, range of motion, releasing of lymph, and unblocking pain in nerves.  It takes about 1.5 hours and I do it twice a month.  On the other weeks, I do regular reflexology.  I am starting to feel better in general.  But, yesterday, when we were working through the pain, I had a pain in my left side that felt much like I had been kicked.  I had it checked there and the reflexologist said I, most likely, had a kidney stone.  She gave me some herbs to help it.  I have taken 3 doses so far and the pain is nearly gone.  It is supposed to dissolve the stones too and I shouldn’t have that pain you normally have when you pass them.

Anyway, because of that, I have taken it easy today.  I have read about 35 posts.  I really got behind when Dad went to the hospital.  I still have about 42 to read plus whatever comes out tomorrow.  I don’t mind; I just was doing so well at keeping caught up.

So, instead of doing everything, I watched YouTube and played Minecraft.  I use YouTube videos to help me learn different things on Minecraft.  Today, however, I got caught up in watching one person’s video of her game of Minecraft.  I watched nearly 2 hours altogether.  Here’s the deal:

Her name is iHasCupquake.  As far as I can tell, she is married, looks to be in her 20s, and loves to play video games.  Her channel on YouTube is amazing!  She has

1,492 videos

396,504 subscribers


I thought I had it cool with my almost 20,000 views.  I was going to do a special post when I hit that mark.  I still may, but it will pale in my head to her numbers!

So, for tonight, I thought I would hook you up with 2 of the videos I watched today.  The first one is about 36 minutes and the second one is a little over 1 hour.  Don’t feel you need to watch all of them.  In fact, here is the first in the series.  It is about 18 minutes and is quite funny.  She has loaded a Minecraft game with 22 mods (these are parts of programs that change qualities of the game) and is just starting out.

Here’s the longer two in case you get caught up in it:

and the 1 hour one:

Enjoy as much as you want / can.



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