Friday Fictioneers – 5/10/2013 – Genre: Horror-Humor PG13

Friday Fictioneers – 5/10/2013

“What Women Want”

by Scott L Vannatter

The woman at the counter was not the owner.  She walked out, warts, scraggy hair, stereotypical.   She looked me up and down.  Frowned.

“Yes?” she rasped.

“I need something to make me what women want.”  I was nearly whisper-shouting.

She reached left, getting a small bottle of bluish liquid.

“$200,” she stated simply.

I threw the bills at her and drank the brew greedily.  It bubbled when I opened it and tasted like the back end of an old monkey.

There was a small poof and where he had been was a small cute kitten.

“It’s what they want,” she hissed.


I, normally, use the word counter in Word; this time I used the one in WP; it says 100 for just the story – no title.  The two were off a word or two.  Not sure why.



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