Up! Up! and You Don’t Say…

OMG!  May I say it again:  OMG!

I read reviews, at least, similar to the one below before going to see “Man of Steel”.

Review of “Man of Steel” is joyless

In a very recent post, I did a quasi-retraction of my ill feelings toward professional film critics and how they, well, just don’t see it all – or at all.

See that post —> Here <—

I went to see “Man of Steel” today with a friend.  I was, from the reviews, ready for a fair afternoon at the matinee with some excitement in an, apparently, mediocre film.  So, once again:  OMG!

I have come to the conclusion that reviewers must have had one person watch the trailer, then a large group of them got together and wrote the critique.  I kept wondering through most of the film, “What movie were they watching?!”

I mean, really, the review above lists the film as a lot of (unnecessary CGI and violence), too much prologue from Jor-El, no sparks between Lois and Kal-El, as well as too much brooding on Kal-El’s part.  Another reviewer maintained that the movie lacked emotions and that the last hour was simply bodies flying through buildings.

All I could think of during some parts of the movie was that I simply don’t reach enough people on this blog now to do service to letting the world know that the reviewers of this movie simply DID NOT WATCH THE FILM!  My belief is that they went with the idea already in their minds and so did not see what was right in front of them.

If ever I was to be freshly-pressed for a post, this should be the one just to let people know.

The movie is over 2 1/2 hours long, I expect some dialogue as well as a prologue.  Jor-El delivers the prologue in excellent fashion (Russell Crowe was great), telling the story of how Kal-El got to Earth and why.  He also did this while not talking when the film was doing the job itself.

Kal-El is brooding…yeah?  Why not?  What can possibly be good for a young child who:

1) Doesn’t even know why he is different

2) Can’t let anyone know he is different

3)  Feels alienated (no pun) because he is different

4)  Doesn’t even have all his powers, or at least not all under control

I would be brooding too!  The movie is being realistic.

General Zod comes to Earth.  Kal-El has, somewhat figured things out, but doesn’t have enough info yet…he just doesn’t trust him.  By the way, Earth doesn’t trust either of them…another reason for Kal-El to be brooding.

Things get bad and then the fireworks start!  The CGI is intense and gratifying.  Come on!  You have several people who have the ability to be darn close to invulnerable, fly, and lift mountains.  When they fight – they fight!  I see nothing overdone.  The problems we suffer from too often in movies is that the fighting is over quickly, sometimes, too quickly.  Here is more reality – these guys don’t tire and truly hurting them is darn near impossible.  OMG! (Once again) Did I say that they FIGHT?!

Get through to Lois and Kal-El.  If the person doing the review didn’t see sparks, then I doubt they dated either.  These two did so much with just their eyes and a touch.  Granted Lois is much better at it.  Kal-El grew up never being able to feel.  It would have been really out of place for him to just settle in and react like we do – totally out of character.  He cares for her – you know that undoubtedly.  He cares for humans – absolutely.  I don’t understand the problem.

Yes, this was a different take on the Superman ideas of the past.  But not unreasonably so.  I don’t think the comic book readers and the Superman fans are going to agree with these other reviewers at all.  It had everything it takes to be a blockbuster film:  good actors and actresses, well-written script, great CGI, a new idea, and the film/sound were great.

Go see this, decide for yourself – you tell me if you think I was wrong.  I won’t wait for any kind of backlog because I don’t think there will be one.  Try this poll:



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  • EagleAye  On June 17, 2013 at 10:33 pm

    Awesome. There are some movies I go to see no matter what the reviewers see. I’m a big scifi fan so I’m used to reviewers knocking great scifi films because they aren’t “realistic enough.” Well yeah, it’s about something that doesn’t exist, yet. Dur! So I’m seeing this movie no matter what anybody says. And thanks for giving me the lowdown.


  • Soma Mukherjee  On June 17, 2013 at 3:29 am

    There are times when I too wonder if the person who wrote a certain movie review has some personal grudges against the actors or producers of a movie..
    will definitely watch it 🙂
    loved the review 🙂



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