The Legend of Sleepy Fellow

I have been a whirlwind this week past through now.  Tomorrow is a break (well, today now), then Wednesday-Friday is booked again.  It’s not really work; it’s doctor and fun stuff (not fun doctor stuff).  Anyway, the point is that I am busy.  That’s so different from a couple of years ago when therapy and getting there were almost all my concerns.

It has brought with it some feelings of being rushed.  I had forgotten most of those, so, when they hit, they knocked me back more than they used to.  It’s interesting to me how easily we get used to something or the lack of it.  After a short amount of time, if we try to go back to the way we were, we often feel like a brick wall has hit us.

Fatigue does its due diligence on me all the time.  My understanding is that fatigue is caused mostly by the brain.  By mine being injured my fatigue level is very low.  I can tell when I simply go in to get a book I have sold on Amazon.  I keep the books on shelves in an extra bedroom.  Today, I had trouble finding a book I sold.  I ended up looking two different times totaling a little less than an hour.  I found the book, but I also found extreme fatigue.  I was as worn out as I used to be after a full day’s work.  Even the idea of doing what I used to as a teacher daily wears me out.

Yet, with all this, I still don’t sleep well most nights.  It is getting better, however, just when I put a string of decent nights together, I drop in a 2-3 hour sleep night and am exhausted for days again.

The worst part is when someone who doesn’t deal with these issues tries to tell me how to “handle” myself.  I had someone once tell me that what I needed to do was to just do it.  They said that I could if I tried.  I have news for them:  if you still don’t understand, I have an actual physical damaged area in my brain that causes a short in my energy level and my sleep management.  There, maybe that will help – I certainly feel better.

Do you get short with people who have had a stroke or some disability that can’t be seen?

Do you do this even when you know they have the disability?

Next time you get insomnia and drag through the day, remember that this is a normal day for a lot of stroke victims.



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  • rebecca2000  On June 18, 2013 at 2:53 pm

    In general I am very patient with people because you don’t know what is causing them to be slow (well except with Jason because he is slow just to bug me 😉 ) I have always been told that I am really good with older people for that reason. Once though, I felt really bad. It was when I worked. I was the top Account Manager in a billion dollar company. I was very busy. All my clients were very attached to me. None of them wanted to deal with my team that worked for me. They wanted me. This one guy was always slow but I took the time to help him. We often laughed and joked and had a great time. This one day, though, I was really busy. I asked him to hurry it up. I had a lot going on and I was happy to hand him off to one of the people that report to me. You could tell his feelings were hurt. He told me he had cerebral palsy and was proud to be able to work but needed patients. I apologised and meant it. We fell back into our usual self. 11 years later I still feel bad.


  • Larry  On June 18, 2013 at 10:47 am

    That’s such an important lesson. I wish the whole world would read your post. Invisible disabilities are not easily understood because, well, they are invisible! it’s hard to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes if you can’t see the adversities they face. Good luck, take care, and thanks for the post. Those with invisible disabilities will be so glad you are attempting to educate others. You’re doing important work here!


  • Soma Mukherjee  On June 18, 2013 at 2:09 am

    I hate it and its amusing as well when some one who has never ever lived or even tried living with any kind of disability gives me advices on how I should be living my life …
    Its really commendable the way you are managing your day to day life when you can easily give up and use it as an excuse..
    sending lots of love and hugs your way 🙂


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