Droning on…

There will be some articles scattered through this post.  All are just support.  I am going to talk about a relatively new type of warfare: drone strikes.

It seems that, since the early 2000’s, the US has been using drones (small, unmanned, armed flying planes) to attack militants in several countries.  Now, I knew about drones.  I knew we had developed them.  I was also worried about them.  My biggest worry was that we would have them flying over the US airspace and, eventually, terminating US citizens.

I have read that this will not happen…I have read it will happen.  What I am reading now is that thousands of drone strikes have already occurred in such places as Pakistan.   I have also read that many of the targets which were killed also carried with them a host of innocent deaths, such as 69 children at a school.

I read that a drone strike has been done about every 4 days while Obama has been in office (I am not trying to make him out to be bad or worse; this is just what I am reading).

The other thing that I am reading or that is being inferred is that the US is not acknowledging any of the innocent deaths.  True?  No?  I don’t know.

This is the article that made me have to do this post today:

Drone attacks explained

This lead me to the other articles and, combined with what I already knew, has me very concerned.  The mention of the CIA always brings Bond movies, cloak and dagger stuff, and unexplained things to mind.  To have them in charge of all of these drone strikes worries me a lot.  I am not trying to be unAmerican.  I am not trying to stir up the waters (muddy or not).  What I am trying to do is to bring to your notice the idea that, possibly, this could get even more out of hand and, eventually, end up in US citizen deaths, too.

I won’t “drone” on any longer about this subject.  I just felt that you all needed to know – you are my family and I try to tell my family when I am worried.

Am I too late? >>> US Drones <<<



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  • Becki Duckworth  On June 25, 2013 at 7:50 pm

    The drones look cool Scott but they kinda scare me. I am a news and politics freak and I try really hard to keep up on current events and world news and I have watched special reports on them. I have not heard of our country taking responsibility either.


  • theamberlight  On June 25, 2013 at 11:54 am

    drones, Chemical trails, and poisonous food. the things a revolution is based upon.


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