Friday Fictioneers – 7/3/13 – Any Port – Rated PG13

I am anxious to read the other stories this week as I found this the hardest one to write about so far.  I hope I do it justice and that you like the story.

Friday Fictioneers

“Any Port”

By Scott L Vannatter


“They’re coming!” shrieked Sarah.

Tom and Jose scrambled up the ladder to join Sarah and George on the roof of the building.

From down the street came the undead, steadily approaching the four.

“We don’t have food or weapons,” said Tom.

“We didn’t have time.  You know that,” countered George.

The mass of death continued its forward motion.

Sarah considered for a moment, knitting her brow.  “Can they climb the ladder?”

The other three looked, first at her, then at the first zombie to reach the stair.

Without hesitation, he began upwards.

“That would be a ‘Hell, yes!’” Joe shouted.




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