Why Do WE Hate Walmart?

I don’t want to lose my choices!

I like to write, comment, argue, talk.  That being said, I almost just put the article below up without any comment.  It is important to this post and, I think, important to you – as a consumer.

Walmart being discriminated against?

The main idea here is simple:  big business (ie. Walmart) is being discriminated against and people are liking it.  Now, I see a lot wrong with this.  I am told I am smart; I am told I think ahead; I am told…well, a lot of things.  But here, what I see is the tip of an iceberg.  These cities are, in essence, saying that Walmart (the minority) should pay more money to people working for them than all the smaller stored (the majority).  Now, it seems to me that we had this war earlier with women, African Americans, Hispanics, and all other types of minorities.  The fighting was not nice and the majorities realized that, in America, the minorities needed to be recognized and treated “equally”.  But, we are not doing that here.  We telling the cities:

“Hey!  It’s okay.  Make Walmart raise its prices so that they are as expensive as the hardware store down the street.  We don’t mind giving even more of our money over to grocery bills and medicines and other commodities.  It’s okay.  It’s better that the little guys (ie. millions of stores) can keep their stuff marked up enough to stay in business. ”

Now, I know that last line sounds good.  I don’t want the little guys to have to go out of business.  But, here’s the thing:  they don’t have to.  All we have to do as consumers is go there, at least sometimes, and buy their stuff.  I do it.  I go to my local grocery store off and on; I buy hardware at another store when it is okay for my budget; I get my meds at CVS.

But what this legislation is saying is that YOU will no longer have this option because Walmart’s prices are going to be as high or higher than these small stores.

I say, “Don’t take away my choices!”

What do you say?



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  • Dani Lynn  On July 18, 2013 at 1:30 am

    My take on Walmart is actually from a different perspective Scott. Here in south Florida, Walmart was one of the companies that built stores on land occupied by native gopher tortoises (and other creatures). They’d be buried alive underground by the new buildings/ parking lots and take months to die because of their slow metabolism. It was years before the state took action. Now big companies are required to relocate a portion of the tortoises. It’s something, but it’s not enough. They’re an extremely important part of the ecosystem here. I used to work at a wildlife rescue hospital in Ft Lauderdale. I just see Walmart as one of those big bull dozing companies with no compassion whose only interest is in the almighty dollar. For me, there’s no news I could hear about that company, positive or negative, that will ever over shadow all the animals they buried alive.


  • Kate is  On July 16, 2013 at 11:23 pm

    I have thought the same thing. Walmart ( we don’t have Walmart but I’m aware of what it is,) is a business. It has shareholders, it had an origin, it employs a lot of people, and it needs to make a profit. It’s not a charity. Society developed in a way to enable companies like Walmart to flourish but now there is a backlash. Let’s be aware that there are alternatives and use them when we can, but not so that legislation forces us to give up those choices. Is that what you want your country to be? It does not seem logical to me.


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