Flash Friday – Photo Prompt – 295-305 Words – “Away” PG13

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By Scott L Vannatter

It was not the same as with the others.  I told myself that as I watched Ezmerelda start across the old wooden bridge.  Her sandals patted the wood slats with a softness instead of the pounding I heard most often.  I grew slightly dizzy gazing at her departing stride, her back facing me, almost mocking me.

“I am leaving!  Do you care?” it seemed to scream at me.  My mind yelled back, “Yes!  Please don’t go!  Stay with me forever!” though I said no such thing.  Actually, I stood in stupefied silence.  The girl of my dreams was leaving.  In a few more steps she would be on the other side and out of my life forever.  I was not certain I could handle that event.  I was nearly sure I could not.

I brought my hands up to my head, covering my ears with my palms and leaving my fingers free to tear at my hair.  I took half a step toward her.  Before I could take the second step and touch the bridge, I heard the “Harrumph” from Our Lady of the Star, Sister Jocine.  I stopped.  I knew I could not follow.  It would not be right, and I was not sure if it was even possible.

I looked at the Sister.  She nodded she understood, but followed it with a curt and deliberate shake to make sure I understood.  I did.  I turned my head back around and saw Ezmerelda was just a few feet from the other side.

As she got to the very end of the bridge and started to fade, she turned, looked at me, and threw a kiss.

“Bye, Mommy!  Don’t worry.  I will be back when I am all done with living.”  With that she stepped over and back into life.




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