Friday Fictioneers – Stairway of the Gods – PG13 – 10/11/13

It’s time again for “Friday Fictioneers” hosted by the wonderful Rochelle W.  Stories of 100 words (+/-) based (often loosely) on the photo prompt below, courtesy of Sandra Crook, is what we are about.  Please read my entry posted below the pic.  The click on the pic to see the rest of the entries.  Enjoy!


Looking Danger in the Eye

By Scott L Vannatter – 100 words


Perseus stared at the colossal flight of stairs which stood before him.  The bag hanging on his belt moved back and forth reminding him of the hideous monstrosity which was the Gorgon’s head contained within.  The plan made sense to him:  climb the stairs, raise the Gorgon’s head to the Kracken, causing it to turn to stone, saving his beloved Princess from certain death.  Sweat poured from his face and torso, drenching his clothing.  He put a hand on the bag to reassure himself it was still there.

A thundering noise assaulted him.  He began the climb to his destiny.




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