Flash Friday – “Thoughts of Days Gone By” – 200 Words – 10/11/2013 – PG13

Dog on Colma di Mombarone. Photo by Dan Fador.

Flash Friday is here again!  Rebekah is host and has given us the above beautiful picture to attribute a story to of 190-210 words.

Please read my entry below, then click > here < to see the rest in the comment section of her post.

Thanks and Enjoy.


Thoughts of Days Gone By

By Scott L Vannatter – 200 Words


Marty-Boy, with a dripping tongue and a sad face, looked over the majestic vista.  His eyes took in the splendor and his heart held the rapture that his animal soul might not have.  Dogs like him did not cry, so the moisture at the edge of each eye must have been condensation in the chill.  His frosty breath was all that gave evidence that he was not a statue; he looked for predator, knowing he might not have escaped unseen.

Evolution had been good to the various dog breeds on Earth during the last several hundred years.  The return of the dragons proved to be too much for mankind to handle; the war had been devastating to both man and beast.  When dragons proved the final victor, most other animals had taken to hiding from the fire-breathers.  Marty-Boy was not certain that dragons were evil; he just knew that they did not like dogs because they hung with men.

Marty-Boy’s intelligence was triple what it had been before the nuclear weapons had been used to fight the dragons.  The waste of the planet had not yet reached these mountain heights.  He was safe … for now and waited for others.




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