FSF – Five Sentence Fiction – Malice – PG13 – 10/17/2013

FSF – Five Sentence Fiction hosted by Lillie McFerrin. Today’s word: Malice.


What it’s all about: Five Sentence Fiction is about packing a powerful punch in a tiny fist. Each week I will post a one word inspiration, then anyone wishing to participate will write a five sentence story based on the prompt word.

The word does not have to appear in your five sentences, just use it for direction.

FSF – Five Sentence Fiction-Malice

Please read my story listed below, then click > Here < for the rest of the stories.


Blue vs. Grey

By Scott L Vannatter

Teralyne stepped into the meadow, her flowing blue robes billowing in the light breeze, and locked eyes with Bornstern, who was dressed in grey, and had a faint glow about him which indicated he had powered up in advance, against the rules of engagement.

She quickly settled her mind and concentrated on mental runes, picturing them flowing together and separating, forming spells and imbuing them with power; her own body began to glow faintly just as Bornstern struck.

The distance between them was covered quickly by the energy bolt; Teralyne’s shield rose up to meet the onslaught, allowing only a strong tingle through, but draining her of much needed offensive energies.

Back and forth the energies flowed and surged with each opponent blocking and responding, but Teralyne always seeming to get hit with more than she was dishing out; it was apparent she was faltering.

After taking a rather savage blast, Teralyne let her defenses down for a few seconds almost giving Bornstern time to muster a decisive offensive attack, but before that could happen, she let loose with a pure white bolt of raging power which cut through the old mage’s defenses and dropped him on the spot, leaving Teralyne with only enough energy to smile as she dropped to her knees.



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