Flash Friday – 10/18/2013 – 250 words – “Priorities” Rated PG13


Ice Cube Aurora. Photo by Carlos Pobes

It’s time for Flash Friday hosted by Rebekah Postupak.

This week it’s a 250 word story (+/- 10) based on the prompt above.

After reading my entry below, please click —> Here <— for the rest of the entries.



Donovan staggered a bit in the sub-zero, bone-chilling cold.  His fingers hurt even through the insulated gloves and his breath labored with each step toward the icehouse.  That was what they called their Antarctic home, their only safe house in this frozen hell.

Donovan had been asked (Really?  Asked?) to take telemetry readings and check out the meters at the far rim of their circle of a laboratory.  He was low man on the pole and he knew he was being bitchy, but it seemed to him that his rotation for this task was to have been next week, not now, certainly not now.  He did not want to be out here today.

It had taken hours to prepare the recorders, put on the suit, and check all settings and connections.  After all, a chink in the hyperborean armor could prove fatal in a place where skin froze in seconds and one good breath could turn your lungs into icy Reynolds’s Wrap.

The pain began in his left thigh.  At first, he thought it was a cramp, but realized with a bit of fear that it was likely some sort of tear in his muscle.  It was nothing serious if you were near a doctor, but here in the maw of cold death it could be fatal.  He moved slowly, tearfully, painfully toward the door of the station.  He reached the entryway and wobbled inside.  He was ready to scream.

“Happy Birthday!” filled his ears as he looked up to see all eyes on him.  He smiled then passed out.




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