Flash Friday – “Of Mouse and Man” – 210 Words – Rated PG13

Flash Friday hosted by Rebekah Postupak.  This week, a 200 (+/-5) word story based on the photo.  After reading my entry (which overshot by 5 words as I misread the prompt) click on the pic to read the other entries.  Enjoy!

When the Clouds Roll By (1919). Public Domain.


Of Rats and Man

By Scott L Vannatter – 210 words


“And these two spots located near your temples are auxiliary spots.  They allow the telepathic portions of your brain to function.”  Leonardo spoke crisply with just a hint of European accent.

“Uh,” responded Silas, uncertain of what half the words meant but loving that Leonardo was giving him attention instead of the rats he normally handled.

Leonardo excused himself and went into a back room and Silas heard him rummaging a bit and opening and closing things.  He returned to the room holding a large rodent in his hands.  Silas nearly cried.  He had those things again.  Would he never get the attention he felt he deserved as his assistant?

Leonardo held the large rat in front of Silas and began speaking.  “Focus on those spots, Silas.  Those spots I told you about.  Think, man.  Try to read the mind of the rat.  What is it thinking?”

Silas concentrated hard.  He stared at the rat. It stared back.  He could clearly see a piece of cheese in his head, but did not figure Leonardo would want to hear that.  Then, it became clear.

“I see it!  It doesn’t like being held.  It…”

Leonardo dropped the angry animal and went to tend to his wound.  Silas hoped he had done well.




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