The Problem? Well, It’s Not Really Women…

Source: US Library of Congress – Copyright: Originally copyright by American Press Association, published 1912

I watched a video today that shook me pretty hard.  I use Google a lot and I see the auto-complete trying to guess at what I am wanting to search.  It is often funny and totally outlandish.  Here is a very disturbing video article that is not funny.  I am not going to say anything more before you watch this < 5 min. video.  We will talk afterwards:

Women – According to the World’s largest Search Engine

Okay, now we talk.  It is not enough to say I was disturbed at the results shown in the video.  I was appalled.  Hundreds of years have passed and our “society” still thinks of women as trash, pieces of meat, objects, not people at all.  I know not everyone is that way.  Also, I am not picking on just the men; there are women who believe this, too.  Many of these totally false identifiers of females come from TV, movies, books, and passed-down ideas.  However, many of these ideas come from religious beliefs.  Do you think I am just talking about Middle Eastern Religions?  Heck no.  There are many religions here in the US in which the core beliefs are that men are the powerful ones; they are the ones who should control it all; they are the ones who are knowledgeable.  And in many cases, those beliefs are interpreted to mean that men can whip, beat, and demean their wives and daughters.  We have so many factions in our own society who believe women are second-rate citizens who do not / should not have many of the basic rights our general society claims they have.  Employers still underpay, overwork women in many occupations and a woman, usually, has to go extra distance to “prove” she is qualified over a man.

I am a stand-up guy; I fully believe that women are people deserving of, at least, equality with men.  I realized not long ago that one of the problems I have with finding someone on dating sites are that many women on these sites want the “bad boy”; they want the guys who are tough and rough.  The problem is that many of those men, not all, are not only rough, but they are the ones who help perpetuate the ideas that women are less than men.  We live in a time when it seems that the women who are not allowing themselves to suffer under these “less than men” issues are the ones so often labelled as “feminists” (not necessarily a bad thing), whores, loose, and so on.  It occurs to me that many men would be upset if women were truly given equality and not just a word-of-mouth thing, but true equality.

I say “Let them be upset!”



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  • 4amWriter  On November 13, 2013 at 3:28 pm

    I agree with you, Scott. I don’t like how women are portrayed in many cases. Unfortunately, I have to say I think women are just as to blame as men. In this day and age, women have so many resources to go to for help. Not all women have plentiful resources or support, but certainly a large enough number who could make a difference and turn things around.


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