Catching on to “Catching Fire” – A review

Catching on to “Catching Fire”

Today is Monday.  Yesterday, a friend and I went to see the long-anticipated “Catching Fire”, part two of the trilogy.  Yes, it has been nearly a year (well 8 months) since the first part, “Hunger Games,” came to visit and left a permanent imprint on the lives of many a movie-goer.

IMDB announcement

Jennifer Lawrence stuns as Katniss Everdeen, a  young girl who is forced to fight in the Hunger Games, a yearly ritual in which children from each of 12 districts must compete in a to-the –death duel  against each other.  The battle is put on by the government (run by Donald Sutherland as the Pres.) and is supposed to be for the people, but in reality is to give them something to root for without giving them enough hope to rebel.

As usual, I am not going to give out any spoilers.  I want you, urge you, to go see this second installment.  Better yet, if you haven’t seen the first, then rent it.  Then you need to see this one.   I tend to agree with the people here, I give it about a 9/10, which is what I gave the first one.

I have listed both trailers below, so watch them and enjoy yourselves.  Even if you have seen the two shows, I think the trailers bring it all back to mind.

Stepping outside the fantasy here let it be said that “Catching Fire” is doing just that in the theaters.  It has the big possibility of shattering the record for first weekend.  The results weren’t official when I last checked.    The biggest 2D opening of last year was “Hunger Games” or the episode of “Twilight”, I honestly don’t recall, but at, I believe, $ 159.1 Million.  “Catching Fire” is on the round for $161 million if all goes as planned.  This wouldn’t seem so huge if it weren’t for the fact that it really doesn’t have much in the way of competition.  In fact, “Frozen” is listed as the only film that may give it any competition for Thanksgiving Weekend.

Jennifer is one of my personal favs right now because she is stepping up for women and letting the world know that she is not a skinny little model and does not intend to be nor needs to be in order to show as one of the best actresses around right now.  I really admire that!  Thanks Jennifer!

Trailer for “Hunger Games”

Trailer for “Catching Fire”




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