Flash Friday #52 – A New World – 101 Words – Rated G

It’s time again for Flash Friday!  I believe this is the last entry for this year!  Hosted by Rebekah, Flash Friday this week is 100 words (+/-5) based on the photo prompt below.  After reading my entry following the prompt, click > HERE < for the rest.  Enjoy!


Miss Robertson’s School Room (1913). Public Domain photo. National Archives Bureau of Indian Affairs.

I have to admit that, this time, I nearly forgot and had to do a bit of rushing to meet the midnight deadline.  I may have misinterpreted the picture, though the general thought was still there.


A New World
Scott L Vannatter
101 Words – @SVBookman
The classroom was normal for that area and day. People were older and simply trying to get into the United States. The tasks were not insurmountable, but seemed so to some. The teachers were stern but not unfeeling. The one thing that could not be stopped was the immigrants’ desire. Everyone in the room had come over on a steamship and none had money for the passage back. This was an all or none deal. They had to pass. They had to receive their citizenship papers. They began again reciting the pledge and working hard to get the words entirely correct.




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