FSF – Five Sentence Fiction – “Alone” – Solitary Non-confinement – R

Time for another romp through the selections of FSF- Five Sentence Fiction.  Hosted by Lillie McFerrin, these stories are the products of many minds all using the one-word prompt selected by our wondrous host.  This week’s word:  Alone.

After reading my entry below, please click > HERE < to enjoy the rest of the selections.  Happy Reading!

Solitary Non-Confinement

By Scott L Vannatter


It had been days of long walking, putting steps one after another, on the lonely blacktop which connected the city Carolyn had grown up in to the more rural areas north.

Since the lone undead man she had killed two days ago, Carolyn had not seen anyone or much of anything except birds in the day and the yellow eyes of a raccoon last night who had left when it discovered she had less food to offer than it could offer her through its death.

Actually, Carolyn was glad she had not killed the raccoon as she would have had to eat it raw and she was not down to that yet as the cinnamon bun from the restaurant had made a fair supper all things considered.

The autumn weather had only produced a few light rains in the last couple of weeks though today’s seemed to last longer and soak a little better than the previous ones that had occurred in the city.

She did not know where she was going or even why except there had to be fewer of the brain dead out here in the rural boondocks and, though it meant being all alone, she liked the idea of roaming alive better than the other two alternatives.


Note:  This story is a part of the basis for a full-length short story entitled “Keeping Watch”.  Part one was posted to my blog this past Tuesday night – Wed.  Some small snippets have also been posted to fulfill several of the last two weeks’ writing prompts such as this one.  Please visit my blog and check the “short story” page for all of it.  Part two is scheduled for this coming Tues night-Wed post.




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  • Robin Leigh Morgan  On December 14, 2013 at 1:35 am

    This week quite several responders have been quite visual in their endeavors like yourself. The woman here is definitely running from the crime scene she’s created, however the way I read this is that no matter how far she might run to, I don’t think she’ll ever be ALONE because her conscience will always be standing right behind her.

    I await reading your comment on my endeavor for this week


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