Flash Friday, Picture + Laughter – Chicken of the Sea – PG13

Sandy Straits Fisherman, ca 1920. Australian public domain image.

Starting out in the second year of Flash Friday, today’s story using prompt above, along with the requirement of “laughter”, is to be composed of 140-160 words.  Hosted by Rebekah Postupak, Flash Fiction is a solid look at creative writing within limited boundaries.  After reading my selection below, please click > HERE < for the rest of the entries.  Enjoy!


Chicken of the Sea

By Scott L Vannatter

157 Words – Laughter


“Ya keep yer hands off me prize!” Gerard yelled at his youthful buddy.

Bediah did not allow the old man to see tears threatening.  They had fished as long as Bediah could remember.  Since the contest had begun, Gerard had been mean.  Bediah was getting tired of it.

“Yo ain’t tho’ boss o’ me,” he whelped.

“Ya jus’ ‘member how ’tis, boy!”

The little fist landed with a thud on the old man’s shoulder.  It was a weak punch, but Bediah lost his balance and fell into the mucky lake water with a delicious “splat”.  The fish, gills once again saturated, jerked to action, nipping Bediah’s bottom section.  The squeal was ear-splitting.  The fish, tether attached, swam to the depths.

Amid the sputtering from the octogenarian, squeals of unfettered laughter were heard coming from the deck where the over-reaching lad had toppled.  The only thing saving their friendship was the story of the one that got away.




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