FSF- Silver and Gold: Another Look at Carolyn’s Perils – Horror – Rated R

Lillie McFerrin hosts FSF – Five Sentence Fiction – in which each contributor writes a full story or portion of a story using her one word prompt.  This week is: Silver.  After reading my contribution below, please click > HERE < for the rest of the stories.  Enjoy!

Silver and Gold

Scott L Vannatter

The click resounded loudly throughout the worship center of the old cathedral followed by a long squeal as the door opened and Carolyn stuck her head inside to check before entering and closing the heavy door behind her.

She had come in on little more than a whim; she had wanted to see how this church, this house of God, had fared in the aftermath of the viral outbreak she called “Hell Day”.

As she allowed her LED light to fall on the different sections of pews, statues, and altar areas, she noticed the high shine and the reflective glare of decorative wealth and ornamental extravagance.

The slight whistle slipped from her mouth as she examined the silver and gold trimmings, goblets, and plates arranged around the main altar at the front of the church sanctuary.

The whistle cut short as the priest, fully and ornamentally dressed, came from behind the area and Carolyn, hunting knife in hand, spied the bones sticking through the rough, diseased skin and knew that God had not spared even this representative of His Kingdom from the ravages of the outbreak.


Carolyn’s adventures and perils in the post-apocalyptic world following the Hell Day viral epidemic continue.  If you would like to catch up, please go to my page entitled “Carolyn” to read them all, including the full-length story I started earlier this week.



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