FF – Friday Fictioneers – Carolyn Leaves Reality – Rated R – 12/27/2013

RochelleW hosts Friday Fictioneers, where writers create stories (or stand-alone parts of stories) of approximately 100 words.  After reading my selection below (part of my “Carolyn” page on my blog), please click > HERE < for all the rest.  Enjoy!

Copyright – Douglas M MacIlroy

Carolyn Leaves Reality

By Scott L Vannatter

100 words

Carolyn left the nurse’s home feeling discouraged, yet happy.  She was let down that she had to kill yet another night crawler, but happy it had not been a child.  She gripped her doctor’s kit containing the new items gotten from this last stay and walked out of the suburban area.

It was morning and she stopped in the road to eat.  While munching, she looked again at the picture in the book of “World Attractions”.  The lighted Eiffel Tower took her away from the nightmare for a moment and back to the civilized world.  A sound snapped her back.




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