FSF – Five Sentence Fiction – The Worm Turns – Carolyn – Horror – Rated R

FSF – Five Sentence Fiction is hosted by Lillie McFerrin and contains a collection of stories, each five sentences long, based on the one-word prompt of the week.  This week’s word is “Clutch”.  After reading my entry (not quite a full story, but a good part of one) please click > HERE < to see the rest of the entries.  Enjoy!!!

Source:  http://lilliemcferrin.com/five-sentence-fiction-clutch/
(Source picture is used for FSF prompt and is not a part of Carolyn’s story)

The Worm Turns

(A Carolyn Adventure – More)

By Scott L Vannatter

It had been just a few days and already Carolyn felt a part of the family she had moved in with and was now, basically, wife to Jordan and mother to Billy.

She had her face snuggled in to the bend where Jordan’s shoulder and arm met and was sleeping that wonderful sleep of peace in love’s afterglow, clutching Jordan’s neck.

The dream of Hawaii and beaches shattered with the pounding and clawing noises which had begun outside and were getting louder by the second.

Carolyn was up, knife in hand, and on her way to Billy’s room when the first pane broke and glass rained down on the living room floor.

While she stood in Billy’s doorway, knife up and ready for a fight, two night crawlers, cut but unhindered, came climbing through the now-opened window space.




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