Flash Friday – Destiny – 01/24/14 – Carolyn – Fear Sets In – Horror R

I must apologize today to all at Flash Friday.  I jumped on the word “destiny”, but ignored the photo prompt totally!  I was just so darn excited about getting to this next section in Carolyn’s story, I slipped.  I hit comment before I thought it through.  Anyway, I can’t win the contest as I didn’t follow the rules, but I hope you all enjoy the story as I continue Carolyn’s adventure.

As always, Flash Friday is hosted by Rebekah Postupak.  After reading my 160 word (140-160 permitted), please click > HERE < to read the rest of the entries.  I bet they even followed the rules.  Enjoy!!!

Source: Wiki commons. Free use. (Not the photo prompt as I did not follow that)

Carolyn felt the icy shivers of destiny crawl into her stomach as she watched the night crawler going for Billy’s throat.  She covered the distance in two strides and tore the thing off the boy.  Even as it was continuing upwards, she stuck her knife into the infected monstrosity.   It fell to the ground with a sickening thud, lifeless and unmoving.

Carolyn then turned her attention to Billy.  She grabbed at him, looking for marks and bites.   He was scared, shaking horribly, but not as scared as Carolyn was when she saw the tiny tear on his neck.  It was not much, just a scratch, but it had broken the skin; there was a tiny rivulet of crimson streaking down, just a drop or two.   Was it enough?  She didn’t know.

She held Billy in her arms, the bodies of the four night crawlers in heaps around them.   She cried.  Now, only time would show if Billy truly escaped.




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