Flash Friday – Disconnection – Carolyn – Horror R – 1/31/2014

Rebekah Postupak hosts Flash Friday.  The picture prompt below and the additional “include a phone call” make up the inspiration for this week’s entry.  After reading mine below, please click > HERE < for the rest.  Enjoy!!!

Source: Car wreck, ca 1920. Public domain photo.

I don’t know if I will include this one in the longer version of Carolyn’s story.  I will have to deal with the burial, but the car memory was more for the Flash Friday prompt.  It just came to mind and I like it for some reason.


160 Words (maybe 159)

Carolyn spent the morning burying Billy’s body.  She accomplished the act through a combination of love, guilt, and the feelings one might have after a car crash.  She finished the task and created a headstone from a large rock she found.  It was shaped somewhat like a star and she considered Billy a bright shining star in her life.

Kneeling beside the grave brought her many different thoughts.   In that mental eye she could see her great aunt phoning her grandmother to tell her she had been in an accident.

“The car is in much worse shape than I am,” the squeaky voice would whine out.

Her grandmother would soothe her and make her feel all important before ending the call to go back and continue fixing supper for grandfather and her daughter, Carolyn’s mother.

Caroline was not certain why she had that memory, but it brought her some joy.  That was something she could use right now.




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