Five Sentence Fiction – Ache – Carolyn’s Adventures – horror – PG13

Lillie McFerrin has given me another chance with Five Sentence Fiction to enlarge the story of Carolyn in “Keeping Watch”.  This week her one-word prompt of “ache” fit so very well with where we are in Carolyn’s story that it almost wrote itself.  After reading my 5 sentence contribution, please click > HERE < for the rest of the stories.  Enjoy!

Ache – A Carolyn Adventure

By Scott L Vannatter

Carolyn dragged herself toward the old school building, her legs aching with fatigue and her mind so very tired of feeling guilt over Billy’s death and even more over her continuing life without him.

It was an elementary school, or had been, and most of the windows were intact and the doors were sturdy and solid; it was holding up well.

She finally reached the door and stopped to breathe before tackling what would surely be another lock picking session to gain entrance.

As she straightened back up, the door opened and her hand went for the pistol, her mind already thinking about the situation.

An adult female with several small children behind her stood with a piece of pipe ending in a large spike; she stared at Carolyn almost harder than Carolyn stared at her.

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