FSF – An Acceptance – Carolyn – Horror – PG13 2/14/2014

Lillie McFerrin hosts Five Sentence Fiction, which brings us this week’s one-word writing prompt: Strength.  Strength is a fascinating word with 8 letters and only 1 vowel and 1 syllable (sorry, that’s the teacher in me).  After reading my creation below, please click > HERE < for the rest of the stories.  Enjoy!!!

Source: Nathan Bilow-USA TODAY Sports

An Acceptance

Scott L Vannatter – Strength

Seeing everyone, including Sheila, raising their hands in a vote to allow Carolyn to join their group was almost more than she could handle; the tears flowed freely, and Carolyn felt Sheila’s arm around her.

“Your trials and fires have helped build you into someone strong enough to handle whatever’s coming, and I have a feeling it will take it all to weather the next storm.”

Carolyn looked at the woman, noticing for the first time Sheila was several years her elder; that fact showed only because makeup was a thing of the past as was hair coloring and fingernail polish.

She summoned up her inner strength and put aside the demons that lived along with it and looked Sheila straight in the eye.

“I am not very religious, but if there is a reason for all the shit I have been going through, then let’s get prepared for that storm and I promise I will do everything to keep us alive.”


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