Flash Friday – Patience – Carolyn – Preparing for the Storm – Horror – Pg13

Okay, after discussing things with Carolyn, we came to an agreement.  The story will have either 9 or 10 parts.  It has 8 to date.  You may read them > HERE <.  It mostly depends on how concise I write, so I am guessing 10. 🙂  We have settled on 1 of 2 endings.  Again, we shall see.  Regardless, here is the next little part of her story used for writing to the prompt at Flash Friday, hosted by Rebekah Postupak.  After reading mine, please click > HERE < for the rest of the entries.  Enjoy!!!

Source: Kolmanskop. CC photo by Damien du Toit.

Preparing for the Storm

By Scott L Vannatter (159 Words)

A Carolyn Adventure

Carolyn patiently walked with the children as they showed her their new home, the elementary building.  It was old and had character, but had also been beaten by the elements.  One room did not have a window and the sand and dirt had blown in, covering the floor and parts of the wall and doorway.  Carolyn knew this was an open invitation to night crawlers and needed to be sealed.

After the tour, she and Sheila sat down and seriously discussed what needed to be done to improve the security of the building and better protect everyone.

Carolyn removed her hunting knife and her Berretta.  She laid them on the table by the lantern and looked at Sheila.

“Do you know how to use either of these as weapons?”  The question was blunt, the intent clear.

“No, not really,” Sheila responded.

“That ends first thing tomorrow.  I will go look for some weapons here in town.”

Preparing, she slept.




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