Five Sentence Fiction – Furious – 3/7/2014 Rated PG13

We come, once again, to Five Sentence Fiction (FSF) hosted by Lillie McFerrin.  Her one-word prompt of “Furious” is the starting mark to create a free-standing 5 Sentence creation.  After reading my creation below, please click > HERE < for the rest.  Enjoy!!!

Five Sentence Fiction by Scott L Vannatter



Mickela stuck her fist in the air, sending the sound of a thousand thunderclaps reverberating throughout the area and shattering windows, jars, bottl

She opened her mouth and poured forth a siren which physically damaged all stones, bricks, and ceramic items in the same area with little pause before a second onslaught at least as loud as the first.

Her other hand rotated, sending gusts of cyclonic wind cascading over the land, upturning cars, buildings, trees, and moving tons of sand hard enough to polish mountains with the force.

Finally, her feet pounded, creating earthquakes of such magnitude that there was no use even fleeing them as they covered dozens of miles in seconds, destroying anything in their paths and opening crevasses hundreds of feet wide for miles.

It seemed that when a goddess of a child’s age throws a tantrum, the world takes notice.




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