Flash Friday – The Hunted Prey – Thriller PG13

Rebekah Postupak, once again, brings us Flash Friday.  This time the photo (below) is tied to a “include a detective” direction.  After reading my addition, please click >HERE< to enjoy the rest.

Source: Creative Commons photo by Kat/Swim Parallel.

Shauna Perkens stared quietly at the polished tips of her new Gucci low heels.  Private detective work paid well if you had the right clients and Shauna had the right clients.  She sat with those same shoes against a pole in a nearly-empty bus.  Her client’s interest had gotten off several stops ago.  Shauna decided five stops should be enough to keep suspicions at bay.

She sat up in her seat, standing when the next stop arrived.  She walked to the door and slid out into the raw world of Philly.  Brotherly love was a good moniker, but, from her position, the city was anything but.  Her keen eyes saw the deviance in so many who passed by her.  If they only knew how easy they were to read, but they did not.  Her job was mostly easy.

He had noticed her on the bus and waited, following her.  If she only knew how easy detectives were to spot.





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