An Epiphone or A Time in Which I Learned

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Here we are at Tuesday evening again.  Once more it’s time for me to do my own thing and come out with a post that will hold your interest.  I have had a difficult time deciding which road to travel down, then a idea struck:  I had an epiphone this week and wanted to share my own experiences.

I have, pretty much, decided that I am heading back into the dating zone now, but without the attachment of marriage.  In other words, I intend to remain single for the foreseeable future.  Doing that changes how you present yourself online and will gain you a great many rejections out of hand.  I have taken things another step:  I have told about my stroke and disability up front.  I was advised by an expert on another dating site not to do that.  She said people need to get to know you before you tell them a negative like that.  I decided it this way:  I will share it all, make it as positive as I can, and let them decide.  I figure that, after all of those things are said and done, if they write back, I have been as up front as I can and there should be no major surprises coming from my side of the board.  Yes, it has hit a lot of rejections, but I have had a few inquiries.  And, yes, those inquiries have been more honest and upfront.  I think that choice is worth it.

Now, for the experience I mentioned earlier.  I have a young woman whom I would like to go out with.  She knows a lot about me.  She knows all about the disability, the income, the difficulties.  Those have done nothing to stop our friendship.  She knows I would like to go out.  She has kindly rejected that idea without really saying no.  I assume it is to not hurt me and to not take a chance on losing our friendship.  It would do neither.  What it has done is cause me to not give up because she hasn’t outright said no.

Epiphone time.  I could not understand why she would not go out with me.  After all, I know me.  Then, it struck.  I have had several women in my lifetime who have really wanted to go out and I refused.  I refused, not because they were not good people, but because they were not my type.  This helped me to understand that, perhaps, I am simply not this woman’s type.  We have a good friendship.  Going out might just change that friendship.  Anything more certainly would.  Perhaps, I should just accept that she likes me but not in that way.  Cha Ching!  There goes the epiphone bells!  If I can feel that way about a woman, then a woman can feel that way about me.

I know that seems simple, a simple and rational thought process.  However, I had a hard time applying the process backwards onto myself.  Now that I have, I can’t guarantee I still won’t ask, but I can guarantee that I will understand.

I think we can all apply this same attitude, this epiphone, to many other areas of our lives.  How often do we find a fault in others and not see it in ourselves?  How often do we think something of someone else and not see that we do that same thing and judge it differently?

I am a happier person now.  I understand both others and myself a bit better.  What more could I ask of the world?



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