Movie Review – Maleficent

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This past Sunday found my friend and me at, of all things, a Disney movie at a theater.  Now, I am not at all opposed to Disney films.  “Little Mermaid” is my very favorite film and “Hocus Pocus” ranks very high on that list as well.  I just, generally, do not go to the theater to see one.

“Maleficent” was an exception, and what an exception!  I found the movie captivating, the animation wonderfully done, the cast magnificent, the tweeked plot great, and the dialogue well-made.  Did I find any bad things about it?  Yes, I am diabetic and could not have the popcorn.

All that being said, I gave the film a B+, not an A+.  There were several reasons for this in my mind and, since I am not a professional critic, they may not make sense to many.

First off, I am an action, horror, suspense, sci-fi freak.  So, I had a hard time with the idea of giving “Maleficent” an A+ rating for that reason.  While I enjoyed it quite a bit, I doubt I would have gone to see it by myself.  It was a “needs friends” movie.  Those are the ones you enjoy because someone is sitting next to you who you can (quietly and seldom) joke with about this or that in the film.

The second reason was just that:  it was the type of movie you could joke a bit about and not feel bad for ignoring the film for a few seconds.  That gave it an A- top rating for me.

Then, after the scale high drop from A+ to A-, I simply took it down one more notch because I didn’t feel it was a fabulously great film for me.  Examples of those would be “The Matrix Reloaded” or “Terminator” or even “Hocus Pocus”.

Not very scientific, huh?  Well, that’s okay.  I am perfectly willing to go see a movie that has a critics’ rating of B+.  So far, in the last few years there have been a lot of really good films.  One of the ones I rate unequivocally an A+ was “Les Miserables”.  “Maleficent” was not up on par with that film.

Bottom line:  Go see it…Well worth the time and money.  Angelina did her part to perfection and, even for a “bad” guy, you had to love her.



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