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You know, I could really complain this week.  I mean, I guess we all have the right to complain all the time.  And, some of us probably have good reason; however, I don’t think I will.  When I started this post I wasn’t certain just what direction I was going to take.  A good part of me wanted the feelings I get when I drop everything off my chest and let the world have it.  Then, there’s the other part of me that says, “Why do that?  Things could be so much worse.”  And, finally, there’s the third part.  That’s the one that realizes the complaining part is a temporary fix and everyone else gets tired of hearing it, and the second part is a bit of a cop out because it can ALWAYS be worse.  Just telling yourself that it could be worse doesn’t allow you to feel what’s going on.  You are trapped with the idea that you should never complain because it could ALWAYS be worse.

This third part is that small voice that has you more looking at the positives than the negatives.  You can’t ignore the negatives; that would be the “Pollyanna” attitude of the sun will come out tomorrow thing…  I don’t want that; what I want is simply to see life as it is:  good and bad.

I lost a friend yesterday; he was my chiropractor; he was my family’s chiropractor for many years.  He was a casual friend, but he was a friend.  I knew him by name; I have seen pictures of his ex-wife and his little girl.  I have spoken to him about some personal problems and asked advice.  In short, I knew him; now, he’s gone.  I don’t know any other details yet.  What matters is that there is a little piece of me that has a hole in it, and I know his family has a larger hole.

All of this happening when I am at a point in which I realize I am 56 years old and, while I am getting better, I am not in perfect health.  I have a father whose health is worse than mine.  I have a wonderful sister who has her own set of problems, just like my Mom.  And, I have friends, each with his or her own problems, too.  It just gets me to thinking.

The world is a fleeting place.  We are on it for something less than 120 years.  Then, we are gone.  Life continues; people don’t forget you, but, eventually, there is no one who has actually met you who is still alive.  The things I do here will be reflected in the attitudes and actions of those I know and love.  My children make me proud.  I know that when I do leave this world they are going to be making it a better place rather than causing the problems everyone has to face.  That’s a good feeling.

What’s really great is to know that my writing will survive me.  My blog posts have been a help and/or inspiration to some.  I have made friends and, if I go, they will remember, at least, for awhile.

This post has gone almost full circle; it started out as almost a whine and now has circled back to being a positive note on being here.  This is almost an esoteric posting.  It is intended more to get my thoughts out than to make you think anything in particular.  However, I would be very interested in knowing how you think and feel after reading this.  What say you?



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  • Andrea Stephenson  On June 20, 2014 at 3:13 pm

    You’re right of course Scott, to have inspired or entertained a few people means that we have a legacy of sorts. Even if we’re not remembered for generations, except by our families, we can know we’ve touched someone in their lifetime.


  • Sis  On June 19, 2014 at 1:40 pm

    It’s Sis. I am proud to know you and realize, not only many the struggles you have faced, but the myriad of the ones I have not had to face because you have always been there to help me through them.
    Your words are always from the heart, well thought out, and said to help as well as ease pain…..but are always honest, which I realize when you see tears rolling down my face, are not always the easiest to tell me. But, I admire you. You are always there for me, and for anyone who needs you. That is a tremendous blessing that God has given you……the ability to listen and to speak from the heart.
    The pain from the loss of Keith is almost unbearable. I can’t believe he is gone at such a young age. He touched so many lives, mine included. I can still hear his laugh and see that enormous smile he had on his face whenever we would see him, in or out of the office. He was a good man and a loving father, not to mention a wonderful friend. I know his patients will miss him, but those of us who knew him on a level like “family” will have a difficult time filling that emptiness from his absence. I pray for his family and I pray for his staff, whom I have spoken to and are grieving tremendously for their loss of not only their boss, but beloved friend….and I pray for myself and my family….who has lost this wonderful man.
    No one replaces us. We grieve, tuck the person in our hearts, and begin to once again move forward with the sadness one day becoming fond memories. What a blessing we have been given to be able to make this change….slowly, but surely if we allow it. Oh, we will have sadness return from time to time, but the happiness of fond thoughts will one day be strong enough to take over.
    Thank you, my big brother, for teaching me to always continue to move forward….and when I find myself “getting stuck” to pray and to come to you fr words of advice and love.
    Much love,
    Sis 🙂


    • kindredspirit23  On June 19, 2014 at 11:29 pm

      I am so very glad to know you read and responded to this post. Yes, the loss hurts. I imagine it hurts you, Mom, and Dad more than myself, just because I didn’t go as often in the last few years and did not quite bond the same way with him. Still…
      I am also glad to be able to be there for you whenever I can. Know that whether or not I ask you much at times, I am still so glad you are around. Often that is all I really need.


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