Five Sentence Fiction – Secure – PG13

Lillie hosts Five Sentence Fiction – 5 little sentences making one big story based on 1 word: SECURE.  Read mine below, then check out the others > HERE < Enjoy!!!

Source: Google Image Search licensed for reuse. Click on Pic for page.


Security is a State of Mind

By Scott L Vannatter

Walter used his power drill to install the last of the surveillance cameras he had purchased at the local chain-owned electronics store in the county seat.

He walked, whistling a happy tune, over to his desktop computer and brought up the sixteen-screen main page that showed all the important areas of his home, garage, and outside yards.

He had invested thousands on the sound, cameras, and motion-detection devices, as well as software and weaponry to keep both himself and his entire family of seven secure from any outside threats.

His smile grew broader until he thought he would burst, when, without warning, the stove turned on, the lights flickered, and he heard the upstairs stereo begin playing full volume.

From the speaker behind him he heard his PC sound off in an unfamiliar child’s voice:  “Hi!  I Kennie and I have taken control of your home thanks to your lack of security in your Internet router.”




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