Youth – Gotta Love ‘Em!

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I saw that it was time for my next flash fiction or short fiction entry on this post.  However, I am always allowing myself to step away from that routine in order to bring to you what I consider a very important item.  This time, it’s about our youth.  I am reading a book by Neale Donald Walsh entitled “The New Revelations.”  In it, one of the main themes is about how we can change this messed up world of ours.  Part of the answer seems to be to quit teaching them the same old stuff.  I am not talking about Math, Reading, and so on.  I am talking about teaching them how to hate, dislike, to find differences in others as a reason to pick on them or ignore them.  I have been thinking a lot about that and how my life would have been changed had most of my world been aimed to help me love the world instead of to fear it and to be angry with it.  Something inside of me kept pushing back at that teaching; it still does today.  I meet so many people and organizations who, whether they know it or not, they keep pushing this agenda forward.

You know it’s easy to see this in something like ISIS or Concentration Camps or India’s treatment of women in so many parts.  It’s easy to see it when it’s far away and has little to do with you.  But look at your life right here.  Ask yourself some really tough questions and think about them and then answer them “honestly.”  It’s too easy to blow off with “yeah, a lot of them are like that.”  Here’s a couple of the really tough questions:

1)  Does your school teach boys and girls to be different in what they strive for? Do boys only have boy ideas and girls only have girl ideas?

2)  Does your church teach that there are those who are separate from you?  separate from the church?  separate from God?

3)  Does your job pay men and women the same?

4)  Do you think that women (or men) are inferior to you?  Do you think that others are inferior to you?  Do you think you are inferior to others?

There are many more questions.  I will let you ponder the ones above and start a dialogue if you wish.  My email is  Just make sure to put “Tough Questions” in the subject so I don’t delete it out of hand.

Read a couple of books “Conversations with God” (3 books), “The New Revelations” all by Neale Donald Walsh.  He isn’t the only person talking about all of this.  He is just who I am reading now.

To add to it here are 3 short videos about our youth, the ones who aren’t “listening” well…good for them:




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