Spring Really is Here! Flip ‘Em the Bird!

Today (Friday) just before what looked to be a huge downpour coming, I was coming into the house when I noticed something for the second time (funny how you can excuse something once, but twice?  You gotta figure it out).  I saw the corner of my house, outside, (first pic) had fresh sawdust on the ground below it.  Now, as this either meant (to me) termites or someone trying something on my house, I got down on my rear end to check it out.  Since my hip surgery, getting down on my knees means I can still get back up!  It’s great.  Anyway,   I discovered a small hidey-hole that had been built there, I am certain by my Popaw Roy, that help gloves, shovel and stuff for Momaw to use when putting in flowers.  He was like that.  Why make her keep them in the house? (Second pic).

That still didn’t explain to me why the fresh saw dust (I now really got worried about termites or those wood-eating ants), so I used the small shovel to pull out some of the stuff and see.  What I found was an old pan full of leaves and grass and stuff…and…two little bird eggs!  I don’t know what kind they are.  They are not Robin eggs.  I imagine they are sparrow eggs.  One had rolled out of the nest, so I kinda rolled it back in.  I am hoping mama bird doesn’t kick it out because of my smell.  We shall see.  Anyway, my welcome to Spring is late, but what a great Summer!  Which reminds me…shouldn’t they have hatched already?

IMG_3518Pic 1 – Here’s the ground and the sawdust…

IMG_3528Pic 2 – Here’s what was on the shelf I didn’t know existed.

IMG_3529And here is the pan with the stuff and the two little bird eggs!



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